Siyuan Jiang

(Pronounce: Suh-you-en Chiang)

AI for Software Engineering

I am an assistant professor of Computer Science Department at Eastern Michigan University. I was advised by Collin McMillan and completed my Ph.D. at University of Notre Dame.

My main research interests are in AI for software engineering (SE), specifically for program comprehension and code generation tasks. My recent research projects focus on adapting deep learning to generate short English descriptions of code artifacts.

News: we received an Nvidia GPU grant of a Quadro P6000 to support our code generation research! (08/30/2018)

Teaching 2018 Fall

Summary of My Research Projects

My latest publication is about generating commit messages by using Neural Machine Translation (Publications 16 and 14). In this project, I introduced the state-of-the-art NMT in generating natural language descriptions of the modifications that programmers made to software artifacts. Click to see more about this project!

Most of my projects are empirical software engineering projects. For example, one of my projects is to study the behavior of programmers in debugging (Publication 11).

A list of my publications

Favorite Seminar

Besides software engineering, I am particularly interested in data science. This is one of my favorite seminars, "The Future of Data Analysis", presented by Dr. Edward Tufte.