Siyuan Jiang

(Pronounce: Suh-you-en Chiang)

AI for Software Engineering

I am an assistant professor of Computer Science Department at Eastern Michigan University. I was advised by Collin McMillan and completed my Ph.D. at University of Notre Dame.

My main research interests are in AI for software engineering (SE), specifically for program comprehension and code generation tasks. My recent research projects focus on adapting deep learning to generate short English descriptions of code artifacts.


  • Demonstration paper: A Tool for Precise Requirements Editing, Modeling and Analysis is accepted in ASE 2019! (08/12/2019)
  • I received a Faculty Research Fellowship with a budget for Nvidia Titan RTX from EMU. Looking forward to full-time research for Fall 2019! (04/01/2019)
  • I received a Summer Research Award from EMU. Looking forward to full-time research for four months! (01/15/2019)
  • Our paper A Neural Model for Generating Natural Language Summaries of Program Subroutines (Alexander LeClair, Siyuan Jiang and Collin McMillan) is accepted in ICSE 2019! (12/12/2018)
  • We received an Nvidia GPU grant of a Quadro P6000 to support our code generation research! (08/30/2018)


Program Committee for SCAM 2019, ICSME 2019, SEI 2019.

Undergrad Advise

Check my calendar to request a meeting! (calendar link)