A tool for documenting input/output examples—actual values that api functions take and return


Our tool's name has changed due to legal reasons, but it is still the same tool referred to in our ICPC tool paper. autoiodocu is a prototype toolset that helps api developers add input/output values in api documents.


autoiodocu has three programs that are all hosted in Github.

Go to Installation section for installation and usage guide. We also set up a VM that can be downloaded here.


Some i/o examples for FFmpeg (official website):

The entire FFmpeg documents generated by autoiodocu is here.

Some i/o examples for Libssh (official website):

The entire Libssh documents generated by autoiodocu is here.

The entire protobuf-c (offical website) documents generated by autoiodocu is here.

Virtual Machine

We prepared a VM for you to try out autoiodocu. In the VM, we also installed FFmpeg and wrote instructions of how you can use autoiodocu to create i/o examples in documents. You can try autoiodocu by following the instructions in tryD****.txt in the folder of FFmpeg. This VM will be sent upon request.